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Experience the oriental threading technique in an atmosphere of pure comfort

Our tailored service and precise technique will make your eyes sparkle

Our customers are always fascinated by this method and find it less painful than removing hair with tweezers. It is worth it! Our top goal is to provide first class service, professional consulting and pamper you in a relaxed atmosphere. We pursue our profession with love and enthusiasm.

Eyebrows create the frame for your face and expressive eyes. Even the slightest changes can open your look. The correct color for your eyebrows is just as important. A minimal change in color can have a stunning effect.

In order to create perfectly shaped and colored eyebrows that harmoniously fit your face we consider the different proportions of the female and male face, as well as hair color and hair structure. Nice side effect: perfect eyebrows cause a visual facelift and a clear look.

Our applied thread technique is based on a centuries-old tradition originating from India. With this technique a cotton thread is wrapped around the fingers of both hands, set at the desired spot on the face and gently pulled apart. This allows to form the exact outline of the eyebrows and remove the tiniest of facial hair on a large-scale.


We offer a variety of massages – mainly relaxation massages. Through long hours of sitting, tension and pain arises in the neck and back area. With a neck or back massage we provide fast relief.

facial treatments

In all facial treatments we usehigh-quality skin care products by DECLÉOR which are carefully selected for your skin type.


For waxing we use wax cartridges. For hygienic reasons we use individually bottled pine wax for the private area. That way we make sure that you feel comfortable at all times.


The brand DECLÉOR was developed 35 years ago out of passion and energy. Their philosophy is: “Be true to yourself”. DECLÉOR does not only put emphasis on skin care, each initiative equally is catered towards the well-being of body, skin and spirit. Each product is made from 100% pure and natural ingredients free of dyes and preservatives. This is consistent with the Augenweide philosophy. You will feel and see it.


Many of our customers have switched to gel-polish. Although the brand shell-polish is well-known, we have decided to use a product by OPI, since it is gentler to your nails when removing. Contrary to normal nailpolish the gel-polish lasts about 2-3 weeks and still looks freshly polished. Nevertheless, you have to take care when cleaning and doing rough work and preferably wear rubber gloves. The polish is dried under an UV lamp; it is dry right away and impact-resistant making the long wait a thing of the past. Of course you have a huge range of colours of regular OPI polish to choose from as well. Please give us a call for further information.


A classic foot-care is primarily targeted towards foot aesthetics and hygiene and includes a foot bath. If you decide on the gel-polish, we kindly ask you to forego the foot bath, to avoid the risk of your nails soaking too much water and thereby preventing the polish to stick properly. In spite of this little limitation,the callused skin is removed and your polished toenails will give you great pleasure: it lasts longer than normal polish, dries instantly and is impact-resistant. You can put on your shoes right away and do not have to wait. Of course you have a huge range of colours of regular OPI polish to choose from.

You would like a medical foot-care? Then we would recommend to see a podiatrist or a doctor. Normally, people with blood-disease, diabetes or who have health problems with their feet or toenails need a medical foot-care.

eyelash perm

An eyelash perm is a perm for the eyelashes. You can choose between a slight or strong curl. The effect lasts 4-6 weeks. To avoid long-term damage to your eyelashes we recommend a maximum of five treatments a year. So save it for special occasions!